Help your children have fun whilst brushing their teeth

June 4, 2018 9:31 am

Acquiring good oral hygiene in childhood will prevent your children from developing problems in the future. From birth you have taken care of your child’s dental hygiene however after two years, it is important that your children become actively engaged in this healthy habit and are able to understand the importance of this daily routine.

Thus, your role will remain fundamental in the process. You should accompany and supervise them, but also motivate them so that they do not neglect their daily dental routine. Brushing your teeth can be a boring process for many children therefore making it a fun and enjoyable can be a great help to ensure good habits.

Tips for brushing your child’s teeth

  • Choose the right toothbrush such as the VITIS Junior Toothbrush which has a thick ergonomic handle, with textured soft filaments that effectively cleans without harming enamel or gums. Brush colours and drawings will also play an important role in attracting attention so encourage your children to choose their favourite toothbrush themselves.
  • Select the right toothpaste as children are only interested in the taste. It is essential that the toothpaste has a pleasant taste, otherwise your child will refuse to brush their teeth with it. Luckily, the VITIS Junior Toothpaste has a mild strawberry flavour and is perfect for mouths in the process of development.
  • Always accompany your children during brushing and supervise their technique until they are at least seven years old. To begin with it will be easier for your child to brush their teeth with horizontal movements, over time you can teach them how to combine with vertical movements, before gradually introducing rotating movements. At first it may prove difficult for them to do it however this will be conquered with perseverance and patience. Don’t forget to recognize your child’s progress and congratulate them for their achievements, however don’t offer sweets as a reward.
  • Use a song to guide your children. Two minutes is the recommended duration for brushing your teeth which can seem like forever to some children. A good way to make it more bearable is by giving them a song that lasts for two minutes. This will make the moment fun and will help your child to establish a positive bond with the habit of brushing their teeth. Alternatively, the use of a two minute timer is also acceptable.
  • Brush your teeth with them, twice a day, in the morning and at night. There is no better way to convey the importance of a habit than to lead by example.

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