What is VITIS Orthodontic?

VITIS Orthodontic is a range of specialist oral hygiene products that have been specially formulated and designed to help patients to maintain optimal oral health while undergoing fixed brace or aligner treatment.

Why Use VITIS Orthodontics?

VITIS Orthodontics is designed to get your brace treatment o­ff on the right track. During orthodontic treatment patients are at a higher risk in developing dental caries and gum disease, which if allowed to mature can jeopardise the success of the treatment and cause permanent damage to the teeth and gums.

The formation of carious lesions and gum disease as a result of orthodontic treatment can be ascribed to inadequate elimination of dental bio-film. To ensure against these adverse indications it is essential that patients have a comprehensive understanding of the various risk factors and take steps to safeguard treatment success.

Unique combination of 4 active ingredients help to provide patients with exceptional all-round protection:

  • Remineralises enamel and prevents decay
  • Helps to control plaque build-up
  • Rapid healing of ulcers and lesions
  • Reduces gingival inflammation and soothes gums
  • Alcohol free