Indications For Use

  • The VITIS Orthodontic Toothpaste can be used daily to maintain a healthy mouth.
  • Recommended for orthodontic appliance wearers.
  • It can also be used by people who are prone to canker sores, sores and wounds.
  • Suitable for patients with celiac disease.
  • Apple mint flavour.

Product Characteristics

Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC)

  • A broad spectrum oral anti-septic with bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects.
  • Reduces dental bio-film formation by eliminating bacteria 1
  • Active against pro-inflammatory toxins released by bacteria, thereby preventing gingivitis.

Fluoride (1,450 ppm)

  • Prevents caries by increasing enamels resistance to demineralisation and by increasing remineralisation of initial lesions.
  • Reduces acid production and prevents decrease in pH.
  • Anti-bacterial effect reduces oral bio-film.


  • Stimulates cell proliferation, helping to produce rapid tissue regeneration of damaged tissues.
  • Protects and exerts an anti-irritant effect on oral mucosa.

Aloe Vera

  • Promotes healthy gums and healing of small lesions 2
  • Anti-inflammatory with hydrating properties.


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