Our Partner Dentaid

The VITIS range is manufactured and produced by our partner Dentaid. Dentaid are a pioneering company in the research, development and marketing of products aimed at improving the oral health for all. For Dentaid, research and development is a core strategic concept.

Dentaid Research Centre is a leading oral health research centre, where science, experience and knowledge converge to become real solutions to meet the most current needs of today’s society. Thanks to Dentaid Research Centre, rigorous research projects have been conducted year after year, placing Dentaid at the forefront in product development and innovation.

Human Team

Dentaid have highly qualified staff that allows the company to constantly promote rigorous research in order to get ahead of Oral Health problems and adapt to new circumstances.

Specialised & Advanced Facilities

All this activity is supported by advanced facilities including a Microbiology Laboratory and a Formulations Laboratory.

Microbiology Laboratory
Centre for the development of microbiological analysis and control techniques to which all products are subjected to in order to ensure and certify their action against oral microbiota.

Formulations Laboratory
Focuses on development of new products, delivery of new active substances, stability and compatibility studies of the various components and pilot manufacturing.

Technological Innovation

These spaces offer next-generation technologies, for not only are Dentaid committed to research, but also to the continued implementation of new technologies to drive development. As a result, they can guarantee strict research processes at all times that enable them to continuously pursue new pioneering discoveries in oral health.

Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy
The technology currently offered by confocal microscopy greatly facilitates research on oral biofilm, both during and after its growth. Dentaid are currently able to study the three-dimensional architecture of microbial biofilms and to evaluate the effectiveness of mouthwashes on these bacterial structures. Similarly, with specific markings, this microscope allows us to study the composition of the extracellular matrix secreted by oral pathogens, the main physical barrier for antiseptics and antimicrobials. Dentaid use this technology under in vitro conditions to assess the efficacy of all of our mouthwashes.

Artificial Mouth
This in vitro biofilm-forming model with oral bacteria is a true revolution for microbiological analysis and control. It is an initiative that ensures superior quality scientific results.

This reality is what makes our continued scientific contributions possible. New ideas that are highly recognised among the scientific community and which make Dentaid a leading research company. They have multiple lines of research that are being included in the programmes of major international conferences and scientific events.

Pioneering Oral Health Research

In order to continually improve the oral health of the population at large, Dentaid continuously focus their efforts on improving our products to provide the most optimal treatments. At Dentaid, the R&D area is always working on product development.

Dentaid’s efforts today is tomorrow’s success. This is their starting point: the basis of their innovation has taken, takes and will continue to take place in Dentaid Research Centre. This is where innovation in oral health begins.