We have a variety of patient education and practice display for dental professionals. Feel free to contact us if you would like any of the products featured within this page or require further information.

VITIS Orthodontic Display Stand

Space within most practices is always at a premium. The VITIS Orthodontic Display Stand has been designed to an A3 footprint and is just over a foot in height, while still able to stock all products within the range. When placed on or around the front desk the stand acts as a helpful reminder for both staff and patients, with the intention that patients leave the practice with sufficient products to carry them through until the next appointment.

VITIS Orthodontic Patient Leaflet A6

Intended for display in practice waiting rooms these leaflets highlight common indications during treatment and the important role played by VITIS orthodontic products in preventing and protecting patients.

VITIS Orthodontic Personal Treatment Plan

It is vitally important that clinicians provide patients with clear comments on the status of their oral hygiene. Feedback gives patients a benchmark against expectation and encourages them to keep up the good work when positive and up their game when negative.

One side of the Personal Treatment Plan contains a mouth map on which clinicians are able to highlight areas requiring particular action, the reverse side lists products stocked within the practice and acts like a prescription. In addition ensuring that patients leave the practice with written confirmation, these slips help to ensure that the front desk are made aware of specific recommendations from the clinician.

Oral Hygiene Videos

In order to safeguard the success of orthodontic treatment it is imperative that patients understand that their prior oral care regime is unlikely to be sufficient once their brace has been fitted. Education is key to achieving the desired change in behaviour, coupled with encouragement and motivation.

We have developed a number of tools to assist practices to inform and motivate their patients, such as oral hygiene videos. Available for both Fixed Brace and Aligner treatments providing an introduction to the challenges that brace wearers will experience during the course of the treatment and proceeds to induct patients in the correct use of the essential oral hygiene products, routine and diet.