VITIS Orthodontic Cleaning Tablets

Indications For Use

The VITIS Orthodontic Cleaning Tablets provide effective cleaning for removable orthodontic appliances. Suitable for all oral removable appliances including: wire retainers, clear retainers, clear aligners, mouth guards, bite guards, Bruxism & TMJ devices.

  • Place one of the tablets in a container with enough water to cover the removable orthodontic appliance.
  • Leave the orthodontic appliance within the solution for 15 minutes, before rinsing with plenty of water.

Product Characteristics

  • Prevents plaque build-up and bad odour.
  • Removes tea, coffee and other common stains.
  • Does not harm metallic parts of the orthodontic appliance.
  • Provides a clean and fresh feeling all day long.
  • Individually packed tablets ensure optimal preservation and performance.
  • 32 tablets per box (1 month supply).