Maintaining a healthy mouth is essential to the successful outcome of your orthodontic treatment. Follow the steps below 3 times a day to help avoid any problems and ensure you keep a healthy smile.

Step 1: Gum Margins

Place a single tufted brush on the gum margin and use a small circular round motion to clean the edge of the gum where the gum and tooth meet. Now repeat on the inside of the teeth. Time: 1 minute.

Step 2: Tooth Surfaces

Squeeze a small amount of VITIS Orthodontic Toothpaste on to a suitable toothbrush and place on the gum margin, where the tooth and gum meet. Press firmly till the gum blanches and use a small circular motion to clean the teeth and gums. Next clean the biting surfaces and then brush the inside edge of the teeth and gums in the same way. Time: 3 minutes.

Step 3: Between the Teeth & Around the Brace

Take a small interdental brush and clean in between all of the teeth. Then with a larger brush clean under the wire and along the sides, top and bottom of each bracket. Importantly do not force the brush and if unsure of the appropriate size consult your dentist or hygienist. Time: 1 minute.

In Addition

  • After eating rinse with 15ml of undiluted VITIS Orthodontic Mouthwash. Do not rinse with water and avoid eating or drinking immediately after use.
  • During the first week chew a disclosing tablet daily for 30 seconds to ensure that you are cleaning properly, after which point you should disclose once a week. Whilst using, spit out any excess and use your brush to thoroughly remove the new plaque stained red and the old plaque which will appear blue.
  • Visit your dentist for a professional clean every 3 to 4 months.
  • Aligner / retainer wearers are advised to clean your appliance once a day. Use a toothbrush to remove any food debris from your aligner before immersing in the aligner bath half filled with warm water. Drop in a VITIS Orthodontic Cleaning Tablet and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly in cold water before replacing in the mouth.