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There is a bidirectional relationship between periodontitis and diabetes as periodontal disease is considered to be the sixth complication of diabetes. This is because diabetes, as well as tobacco, increases the risk of periodontal disease. However on the other hand, periodontal disease can affect diabetes by impairing the control of the blood glucose level.

The effect of diabetes on periodontal disease

Diabetic patients are four times more likely to develop periodontitis and if poorly controlled, the severity and progression of it increases. Reason being, diabetes is known to alter the acute inflammatory response to existing microorganisms in the gingiva. In addition, diabetes alters the ability to resolve inflammation and the capacity for subsequent repair which accelerates the destruction of periodontal support tissues.

The effect of periodontal disease on diabetes

Periodontitis, as a result of infection and inflammation caused by the accumulation of buccal biofilm, alters the inflammatory response that can spread throughout the body. This inflammation is associated with the development of insulin resistance, thus increasing the risk of diabetes. The greater the severity of periodontitis, the greater the likelihood of developing diabetes and the appearance of serious complications of this disease. In addition, environmental factors such as low physical activity, inadequate nutrition, obesity or infections can promote the development of diabetes.

Due to this bidirectional relationship between periodontitis and diabetes it is very important that you take care of your gums daily using specific products that help to prevent periodontal disease. The use of daily antiseptics such as CPC, along with other components that help increase the resistance of the gum to inflammation and protect it, will help you maintain healthy gums.


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