Effects of electronic cigarette on teeth and gums

April 19, 2018 3:31 pm

Although they seem to be less harmful than traditional cigarettes, more and more studies show the negative effects of e-cigarettes. In particular, oral health is one of the first to be affected by the use of these devices.

To begin with, the vapours produced by e-cigarettes are not primarily formed of water vapour only. Reason being, when aspirating oral tissues are exposed to compounds produced by the heating of glycerin, nicotine, the aromas contained in the liquid and other compounds cause the death of numerous cells present in the oral mucosa.

In the same way as with traditional tobacco, when the vapours of electronic cigarettes reduce the cells of the mouth to their compounds, they release inflammatory proteins. Depending on how much we consume, they can lead to oral diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis. It should be noted that periodontitis is an irreversible oral disease which causes tooth loss and is also related to various cardiovascular diseases. Therefore it is advised to eliminate the use of e-cigarettes over time and to maintain a good oral hygiene in order to avoid complications.


  1. ABC Health: E-cigarettes are as harmful to the gums and teeth as tobacco

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