VITIS Orthodontic treatment
Care and protection for orthodontic appliance wearers
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VITIS Anti-Caries Prevents caries and protects against dental erosion
Decay Prevention
Prevents caries and protects against dental erosion
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VITIS Whitening banner product range
Effectively whitens and prevents dental sensitivity
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VITIS… because no two mouths are alike
Because no two mouths are alike
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Recommended by leading dental professionals

The VITIS Oral Care Packs assembled by Dent-O-Care are exactly what we’ve been looking to offer our Orthodontic Patients. Excellent service and the best product range.

Dr Tristan Scott
Clinical Director at The Practice at The General

Find out more about our VITIS Orthodontic range, specialist oral health products recommended for use during orthodontic treatment

Thanks to the efforts made in research and development of new products and formulations, VITIS allows you to choose the product that best suits your mouth, offering high quality products that ensure good dental hygiene and a healthy mouth.